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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 18, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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out of the cookie jar. that is might $0.2. thank you for joining us have a great night we will see you tomorrow. >> good evening thank you for being with us. i am a dobbs. the world is looking for these two men in the fbi released these pictures of the two and leave them to be responsible for the boston marathon and terrorist bombings that killed three people and injured nearly 200. security cameras capture these pitchers of the suspects around the bomb site at the finish line. the fbi released these images two hours ago and declared the two men to be the prime suspects.
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they are seen here walking together through the crowd near the finish line with their backpacks, those backpacks suspected of holding the of bombs. the fbi is asking the public to help identify these two suspects that became the principal focus of the investigation. >> to help identify the two suspects after a detailed analysis of photo and video and other evidence we are releasing photos of the two suspects. they are identified the suspect number one and suspect number two. they appear to be associated suspect number when wearing a dark hat, and suspect number to wearing a white hat and set down of backpack at the site of the second explosion just before -- in front of the restaurant. gerri: the fbi asked if anyone with any knowledge of the identity of either men please call the tip line at
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the fbi 800-call-fbi. again 800-call-fbi. we will bring you the very latest from texas where a powerful explosion from a fertilizer plant has killed between 35440 people. the explosion was so powerful that it was measured as a magnitude earthquake. it destroyed and damage buildings with a 5-mile radius and felt as far away as 45 miles officials are predicting there will be as many as 160 injuries. the mayor says it is unlikely any more survivors will be found at this point* in the search.
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we will have updates on both stories tonight to right here in the broadcast as the situation it is developed throughout the evening. be beginning boston with the fbi has enlisted for the two terrorist help the two young men who sought to have planted the bombs near the finish line near the marathon. both identified as suspects. they are considered armed and extremely dangerous. the fbi asks that the public refrained from making any effort to apprehend the two men and instead to call law enforcement. with the review of social media post catherine has our report. >> determination it if it
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was an international domestic act of terrorism with the intelligence chief updated lawmakers on the case but we don't know if it was planned and executed by a terrorist organization foreign or domestic or an individual act. loan-loss and extremist mercer and the determined to attack. >> with key bomb components intact and investigations on going home and security said new leads are expected soon. >> there are tracers in the gunpowder, the pellets, the ball bearings can be traced to the manufacture and the device itself, the explosive device itself is the best evidence that we have. >> in addition to still images and video fox news is told there is the significance of social media footprint providing new
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these. 30,000 messages were collected within 1 mile radius of the finish line 24 hours before through a 24 hours after. they seemed out of place or coded including about to boston hotels or analyze further. the former navy seal and joint terrorism task force. >> unconventional warfare what you start to see more and more is the use of social media to communicate and spread messages. >> in his first public comment the attorney general offered few details. >> i will assure you the citizens of boston and americans we're working tirelessly to find who is responsible. >> while releasing images of the suspects asking for the public's health -- help administration officials testified that case remains wide open and. fox news. lou: authorities in texas at
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this moment are called in this conference with the latest details of that tragedy there in west texas that is the name of the town the community of 2500 people in dealing with the loss of as many as 45 lies. you're looking at texas attorney general now let's listen. >> beyond the playground is the apartment complex. if looks whom it like it was the bomb site but you would see in baghdad. it was utterly destroyed and beyond that then the homes began and imagine and from
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the time the explosion took place, and people sitting in their homes and instantaneously their lives are forever altered by the incredible blast that literally blows down the side of their house. these homes are literally blown apart and blown open. the devastation is immense. but i have got to tell you the of the thing that we clearly saw is a clear sign of hope. you can see hope in the eyes of the rescue workers and to have a chance to visit with those going piece by piece or inch by inch inspecting the work site and these rescue workers are so dedicated to what they're doing just like the first responders the ems and
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medical professionals hoping to deal with us -- with. >> that is attorney-general abbott speaking to the community that has been wrenched from its being a over the past 24 hours and as the attorney general says and with great effort they will recover but in a town or community of this size and i lived in one very similar and to the use this many people, the estimates are as high as 45, it will be a very difficult thing and it would be of any community of any size but it is very difficult. 160 people are the estimates of those injured and the damages from this explosion
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registering over as the magnitude of an earthquake when the explosion occurred felt as far away as 45 miles. we will bring you updates as developments warrant for and keep our focus on what is happening in boston and washington d.c. but the world is now searching for the two suspects of the boston terror attack more fallout from the of failed push for gun control senator corniche texas taking issue with the claim the demise of his agenda is what the president called a shameful day in washington. >> the president could have taken the high road now that we have been unsuccessful let's move on to where we
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know there is consensus doing with the mental health element with so many mass gun tragedy's but instead he chose to take the low road and i agree it was a shameful day. lou: joining us now is congressman betray goudy. a shameful day for washington and talking about the opponents of his legislative agenda on gun-control callinn them liars it the nra specifically. >> that is not the way leaders react. maybe professors but what a leader would do is take chuck grassley up on their offer to do something about
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mental health i counted during the obama administration there is less than 100 prosecutions for giving fire arms to people who are mentally defective. less than 100 since he became president. that is an area where there is broad consensus. how about enforcing the current background check clock? we ask the attorney general and this administration for the prosecution's veiling background checks since he became president i don't need a lecture from him and about gun violence i watched his 16 years if you want to stop people from killing other people then deal with the mental health component and keep weapons out of the people who have no business having them but today you cannot sell a gun to a prohibited per cent without a private sale of a gun show or ephedrine licensed firearms tell me how you do
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in forcing the tools we give you then we will consider giving you more. lou: as a citizen i get a little nervous when i hear this president talk about liars that the nra when that represents if those of us who are interested and preserving our rights and gun owners who want to exercise our rights and a president who calls such people liars when he has not taken one step to address the issues that led to the sandy hook tragedy it is the ultimate in my opinion this president has misrepresented the of legislative components of what was defeated yesterday. i would much rather see an deal with the mental health issues because of the last
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six tragedies that occurred was a gun and mass murder has been carried out by seriously mentally ill people and neither the psychiatric profession nor the politicians on the left who call for gun-control have taken one step to deal with those two issues. >> didn't want to talk about mental health for their failure to enforce or hollywood or the culture of violence perpetuating in this country. my heart grieves as a father for what happened in newtown. i would give up all of our rights and the bill of rights to give one of those children back -- bring one of those children back but to talk about background checks and assault weapons ban when it would not have
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stopped any of the mass killings, not one. stop them? keep weapons out of the hands of the people who were criminally and mentally ill. do something about that. lou: then talk to people and be a leader and talk about the framework for resolving certain issues the way background checks could be improved no question how about improving up prosecution as you suggest the ninth of those who break our gun laws? even the simplest laws are not being enforced by this administration or barely the previous administration either. let's turn to the of senate gang of eight and immigration reform what you make of the chances to become a law that is effective and rational and
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humane? >> it depends on what the process is if we could meet the characteristics of the last time we had this conversation in the process is every bit as important as the result. as denoted my colleagues have been working hard on both sides to produce a product in the house. i thought what the senate can now with was a constructive opening bid to use a british term but the reality is there are people in the house that want their say and to committees of jurisdiction and it is more important to me this we done correctly than quickly and not to be overtly political the senate is controlled by one political party in the house is controlled by another.
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so necessary we have different priorities and different areas of focus. lou: you want more than one hearing? [laughter] >> we will have more than one next week. lou: good. >> to be fair to the four republicans they are in the minority. and they are doing as good as they can do if the bill is bush toward enforcement and internal and border security the house will have to do something and we will start the process when they go back next week. lou: there is the opportunity for people to do the right thing it is the first time it will have occurred with illegal immigration in a decade but that possibility exists because of the senators that you mention and the house of
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representatives and we appreciate you being here. trey gowdy. >> god bless you. lou: and more on the king of a proposal and the assaults of the second amendment and from boston and west texas coming up throughout the broadcast. >> also the nra lied to defeat the gun-control bill so who is telling the truth? we will tell you in the "chalk talk." the fbi closes in on the suspects and homeland's security expert is with us next. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone.
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lou: breaking news the world is searching for these two men who have been identified as suspects in the boston marathon attacks. number two on the left and number one on the right. law-enforcement said they dropped their bags near the finish line monday afternoon setting of the bombs that killed three people and injured more than 170 others joining us now for the latest is former new york state, and security director great to have you with us. highly unusual the spi identifies off a suspect this clearly and early. your thoughts whether these two people with the command of the fbi will be apprehended? >> there are 2,000 law-enforcement right now focused on this investigation.
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bitterly days and-- worth of film and footage and people calling putting this out there anybody around picks this up the people and telling me this investigation is that such a pace they're expecting something to break with an 48 and 72 hours. lou: as we listen to the special agent in charge when he talked about international all i hearr is the prospect that these two terrorists have eluded the united states and gone out of the country. your thoughts? spec --. >> definitely a possibility interviewing people at the airports to see if they had pictures and also to say did you see this person? identified the device so early like the unabomber it
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took a long time they are moving at a rapid pace to find as much information as possible from the public. lou: the way they walk through the crowd now i am the amateur sleuths they seem so comfortable and at ease and so relaxed and seemingly familiar. are these domestic terrorist or international? >> people who have seized -- receive some kind of training record nation after 9/11 reinspect the al qaeda to come through but nobody believes they have the ability to project that type of attack so deal has the purcell's of people who has become inspired? it is too early to tell. >> would you come back to
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continue this? may be steps that will lead to the capture of these terrorists. thank you. economic concerns leading to a down day on wall street down 81 points. s&p lost 10. nasdaq fell 38 points of paul young three point* 9 billion -- billion shares traded apple is down almost $11 and it continues to move lower after hours and the 10 year treasury yielding 1.60% and the administration calling their foes liars we will show you how it has held up on the accuracy [ tires screech ]
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instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing. in everything from the best experiences below... the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. ♪ >> instead of supporting this compromise the gun lobby and its
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allies willfully lied about the bill. they claim that it would create some sort of big brother gun registry, even though the bill did the opposite. this legislation affect -- in effect outlawed any registry plan simple right there in the text. lou: president obama, and he is mad as -- well, as he just about kids because he did not get his way. accusing organizations like the national rifle association of being an outright liar is or how right accusing them of being liars. however you want to interpret. this from a president who got not one from the not too, but three pinocchio's for claiming for a number of weeks that nearly 40% of gun sales in the country take place without a background check. now, he was doing that so that you would want to rush out and vote for that gun -- that better
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background check. now, who is lying to home? and all of this date indignation and outrage. if there will be of race, let's have some real fun stops. let's start calling a liar liar. i want to fight like that about you. you're starting to talk straight. well, you are wrong, but you're talking straight. that is good. lets go of it. let it out there. statistic that your administration likes to put forward as fact is other -- what's the word, fiction. that's it. this 40% number that you were using to push that background check is actually from a 1994, are you ready, 1994 telephone survey of 251 people. that's the kind of -- as the kind of statistical evidence that we won in the public debate
7:30 pm
about important public policy when it tried to strip americans of the second member right. the president is not the only one in his administration calling people liars either. the homeland security secretary general the public on a today blasting the report, leaking the stories of her precious department's plans to buy a mere one half billion rounds of ammunition, and the apartments to lay in explaining the reason for that purchase. >> i don't know about that there was that kind of, but i will tell you, we found is so inherently unbelievable that those statements would be made. it was hard to describe credibility to them. add on know if i would put those in the same sentence. lou: the only one he thinks the woman is going to fall over on the table when she gets into a sentence? she cannot bring up enough energy. just part of a little, madam secretary. anyway, the story turned out to be so true, true and confirmed
7:31 pm
by the department of homeland security was the secretary apparently forgot about. the department of common security did by over one-half billion rounds of ammunition over five years . and they finally admitted it that none other than senator tom coburn in february, and that was nearly four months after he had written a letter on november november 13th of last year asking above the purchase. all he wanted was an answer. the department of common security explain about that ammunition, it bought it to significantly lower the cost. try going to costco. but i would like to know just how much lower and why they need of a one-half billion rounds of ammunition when at the height of the iraqi war. our military, we are expanding less than 7 million rounds of
7:32 pm
month. 7 million -- and we need over one half for a domestic operation? that makes me nervous. how about you? and, we get it. the obama administration does not like the report. it is a partisan thing. the logical thing, but they don't make up the stories. they -- i don't know what the secretaries problem is, but maybe we should not be surprised when a president and his administration -- after all, this is a president who falsely promised that lower health care premiums would result from obamacare. people would get to keep their doctors from their health care plans. and the president who accuse someone by the name of mitt romney of not paying his taxes. by golly, they get away with it. at some point here facts are going to begin to matter to the american people. your nose?
7:33 pm
maybe, maybe, just maybe we were right. now, when the president calls on citizens who want to preserve their constitutional rights and the nra lyres, i think we're getting pretty close to the point. i think if you try much harder, mr. president, we will get there. when things get crazy they get crazier. and elvis impersonator arrested. "dobbs law" next. disappointing economic reports and earnings driving the market's lower. a former ceo of the dnc, john allison's eyes this to tell us what it means. the gang of eight makes its pitch for emigration reforms. the secretary of state, chris go back tells us why it is just one big, bad idea. ♪
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♪ lou: joining us now, the co-author of numerous state anti illegal immigration laws, also the secretary of state of the great state of kansas. good to have your. >> good to be back. lou: the senate bill is entitled border security and economic opportunity, modernization night. a star with border security. traders. and the assurance that high activity zones on the border would be 90% under control. are you reassure the law? >> i am not, and i have read the text in this bill. you hear, border security on the front end. you read it. it does not read that way. first thing is eskimo for this out in the amnesty the department of common security has to introduce a strategy the congress. that is just a piece of paper. and before the amnesty did during cars that have to certify that there is substantially in implementing the strategy which, again, is nothing. regis started down the path.
7:38 pm
>> 90%. how did they say this? >> the zones. lou: 30,000 apprehensions a year or more. they did a study and said there are three zones. laredo, two in texas and one in arizona. as i recall. >> which is kind of a joke. but the nba is the focus on the zones and watch them and try to measure 9%. by the way, it cannot possibly measure 90 percent deism number you catch return back over the number tried to get in, but if we knew everyone to try to get in we would already have control the border. we have no idea what the damn -- denominator is. furthermore, you're only looking at those zones. the to start going into the other zones of the border. and did not hit 90%, is there some big penalty? no. it is that a border security commission that was to tell them what is ben the money.
7:39 pm
that is no penalty. lou: and five years, supposed to have these triggers. before we get much further, what this comes down to is who in the world trusts the federal government to deliver on these assurances. >> exactly. the federal government has not delivered for the past four years. the obama administration has handcuffed ice age and ventura than to break the law. as of last summer, switches the betterment to deliver a strategy in an act on it? there is nothing. lou: do you believe that there is a way in which john gordon, it jeff sessions, a trade getting, in the number of of standing committee will -- upstanding, and if you will, moving this thing forward. is your answer that it will be in the national interest and that it will be to the benefit of the country? that it will be rational, effective.
7:40 pm
can that be done? , saying his visit. isn't. it's good, but it's not there. >> i don't think this bill can. this bill is so -- i mean, as he talked about, it takes people we have already departed in greece and back again to give them amnesty. then they find something else? yes. i think there are strategies. you can do that on his own. lou: the house has their own gang of eight, far more discreet . you have a sense of what they're >> i don't have a clear sense. very interested to see that this may take a cue from all the ridiculous parts of the senate bill. lou: i get most nervous when they go to the committee be is that is where all sorts of mayhem can be constructed. >> all the deals are shut behind closed doors. lou: this is starting to be very , well, modern in washington
7:41 pm
d.c. i think we need to disabuse them of that. good to have you with us. >> great to be back. lou: up next, the fbi asking for the public's help in identifying the two terrorist suspects in the boston bombing. "dobbs law" next. ♪ [ male announcer ] in your lifetime,
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7:45 pm
you both with us. it is terrific. i'm sorry. i have to take this more seriously. when you have an elvis impersonator going after the president's and senator weicker, i am sure there is no one that finds it funny, but to me it is bizarre beyond belief. >> it has to be a killer impersonation. had to do it. i just have to perry is going to be great for the jury to see this. lou: will this go to jerry? is this fellow not so obviously deserves that -- >> you may be disturbed, but it is pretty difficult to assert an insanity defense successfully. because it's really not enough to get this guy off the hook with insanity as a defense. lou: you go said seeing a conspiracy over body parts, i mean, this is getting a little more than just, you know,,weird. >> it is definitely a little bit more than weird. certainly helps.
7:46 pm
his plea of insanity. the insanity defense itself is very complex command it really does require the defendant to prove that he basically -- i mean, to put it in the least complicated way possible, had no idea of right from wrong and did not know that what he was doing was wrong command as possible. yes, to get the defense, but it sounds like that is what his attorneys setting about to do. this whole claim of there's a conspiracy going on in the had to do this because i had to uncover seems to be walking down that line eventually asserting insanity in that he had to do this because it was all totally the right thing to do. >> sort of for the greater good. lou: the greater good, and in philadelphia the abortion trial, a former employee, one of the abortion clinic, she testified today that she reported him to authorities using a false name, took photographs showing just how unsanitary the place was.
7:47 pm
she herself, she had an abortion , 2007, when somewhere else because she was so fearful of the conditions there. what is your reaction? >> i mean, my first reaction is that all of the surrounding information is really kind of cloudy was going on with this case which is really -- there are a lot of tragedies your help with this case, but, i mean, and releases from we have heard, is in sight this is a pretty open and shut case of a guy uses for the law. unfortunately -- >> accused of murder. >> sure. what is going to happen is legally is not that complex of the case away stands right now. what is going to happen is that the legal issues are going to get obscured by bigger political issues, social issues, -- lou: is that the intent of the defense? >> i would imagine. we will be the best strategy
7:48 pm
would be to try sent to you know, make this -- get away from what my client necessarily is being accused of an almost rejectees the jury being political. lou: checking adamantine a jury tolerating -- this is some of the most disgusting testimony and evidence i have ever heard in a trial. i want to very quickly talk about something good. the prosecution, the investigation the entire state along with the fbi, they have made an arrest. it is extraordinary to me that this thing as well as it can be done as far as i can see, take the next justice of the piece who they investigated, his wife, both of them charged with the murder of a da, assistant d.a., and the district attorney's wife. they have done this so professionally, i've never seen anything quite as neat as a way in which they went about it. then they presented it.
7:49 pm
>> it sounds pretty seamless. >> and let soak for the prosecutors that does exactly the case. i mean, you know, i would assume for society anyway, the best possible scenario would be for this person to take a plea of guilty. lou: juno's. >> especially if the life that is the but the position that she nice to come for an update them. lou: thank you very watch for being here. up next, weekly jobless claims of. the market down. four out of the five past days. the state of the economy next. ♪ alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earn witmy ventu car sauce to erase recent tvel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do?
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♪ lou: optimism about economic growth commissioning -- diminishing as markets posted
7:53 pm
sharp losses for a third day this week. talk about the short-term. joining me now with his outlook for the economy, former bp, the president and ceo of the cake schiller institute. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: sitting here watching the markets act like it was to just a little bit. do you think that we're looking at the prospect of a correction? what do you see here? want you to divine these markets, turn to the economy. >> well, you know, the stock market seems to be driven more by a policy than economics. every time the fed announces that will print more money with another qb you're the japanese are going to debase the currency, markets react positively. i think that is a really difficult that of the environment to make predictions. economic fundamentals are not really driving, i don't think, of the policy in the marketplace lou: well, with that in mind, the economy itself, we're talking about 23 million people
7:54 pm
still unemployed and underemployed. and a president who is spending more time on gun-control and immigration reform then the -- that creating jobs are really economic growth. now, there are a lot of criticism of this president, but the fact of the matter is, we're not seeing the kind of robust energy that we expect to see in a recovery. >> this was, in my view, the most is what the recovery in modern times, maybe in american history. we have 3 million less jobs than we had when the fed is a crisis started. ramming some growth and some kind of recovery, we have an incredibly resilient economy. highly of gennaro, and we should be doing better if. what is discouraging is that almost all is caused by poor government policy. we have consistently done the wrong thing off.
7:55 pm
lou: macroeconomics here, but of like to get your sense of what could be done right now by this president, the fiscal policy to pursue, if that is, indeed, the course, to start generating jobs and start generating economic growth and reducing debt and deficits that are contemporaneously. >> well, i think the first thing that they could do is have a really serious plan about reducing government expenditures as a percentage of gdp. taxes mater, inflation matters, but the truth is, when government is spending too much of the auto production and the economic system the growth rate declines and this is throughout the world history. so are really serious plan to reduce government expenditures would create a lot of confidence in the business trinity. secondly, he's a rollback the
7:56 pm
crazy onslaught of regulations across every industry which is stifling innovation and creativity which is exactly what we need right now. example in the banking industry. dodd-frank pier reasons that law as passed there has been no renovation of one of the largest industries in the united states, which is actually reducing. lou: i have to say the you, how much money do you want these people to make? am looking at the numbers coming in other earnings. if we have regulation, how much money could be made? it is scary to even contemplate. >> i think what would happen is people now, i believe, short-term profit maximizing. if you look a lot of the earnings and there not coming from revenue growth. they're coming from cutting costs and cutting costs, cutting costs, which is not a healthy way for an economic system to operate. short-term profit maximization, it's going to be a wise strategy is not good for the economy. lou: thank you very much. it's good to have you with this.
7:57 pm
we are out of time. reassigned up against it. we appreciate you being with us. coming up tomorrow, more on the boston bombing investigation, and national-security experts joining us. thank you for being with us. good night from new york. ♪
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